ATQ Supplier Audits

Often we hear that purchasing was under pressure to jettison a problem supplier, spent months searching for a replacement, found a supplier at a competitive price, with a great facility who makes a believable promise for high quality. But after one or two shipments of defective material and the reality of substandard quality sours the optimism. If not corrected quickly it will surely jeopardize the project and the search starts all over again.

We at ATQ specialize in supplier qualification and development. We have spent over 5 years in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, and Korea, qualifying and developing LCC suppliers into very successful sources for simple to complex systems. We are skilled in auditing suppliers who stamp, weld, mold (injection and blow mold), cast, forge, and assemble. This includes plating (zinc, chrome), painting (wet and powder), and heat treating. References are available upon request.

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