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Wow! Fantastic job Rick! We have never seen an exhaust manifold fit up so smoothly in all the years I have been here like the Octane. Can you go back and repeat this for the Scout?

Scott O.
Victory Octane

Dear Rich,
I have received your summary report and evaluation for R@R during your last visit at Gada. I very appreciate and respect your objective comments and assessment on Gada and professional analysis ability. I am very admire and respect you and very pleased to accept your guidance and suggestions. For the items which need to improve required in your report, we will organize the special team to cope with, follow and monitor the progress until meet the standard requirement and develop a more standardized good habit.
Thanks again for your instructions and help. Wish you and your family merry Christmas!

Liang Ruilian
Kaiping Gada Motorcycle Fitting Products Co., Ltd.

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