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As industry started leaving the country for the lower operating expenses available in the far east, the educational infrastructure quickly evaporated. The technical training we at ATQ offer on a wide range of quality topics (GD&T, SPC, DOE, etc.) was no longer available. The vocation trade schools that made their income teaching these trades converted to technical colleges and dropped so many of the technical courses no longer in heavy demand. These same course materials were then being offered in seminars for extremely high fees, over a 3-day training blitz.

Richard Schneider, CEO Richard Schneider
All THings Quality, Inc.

The result has been a lack of qualified personnel with any significant level of technical understanding. Now that industry has been coming back to the states the educational programs have not caught up. We at All Things Quality were fortunate enough to have received so much of this technical training. These circumstances, combined with our love of mentoring and teaching, makes us passionate and qualified to provide the high quality training industry is looking for.

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