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Training - Enabling Beginner programmers to perform above their experience, Intermediate programmers to perform like Advanced, and Advanced programmers to blow through programs faster than they ever thought possible. Stop paying for contract programming by super-charging your own team with powerful skills.


When you entertain sending work to India, Mexico, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, or just about anywhere else in the world, we can support you with an On-Site Qualification Audit, an Action Register Follow-Up, and ongoing surveillance and development. Regional language skills in several low-cost countries.

ASME Y14.5 GD&T:

Does your quality team need a GD&T Target-Topic Short Course? Often staffing is too immersed in the day to day to sign on for the 3 to 5 day courses some offer when all you really need is an introduction or refresher on a specific GD&T topic. True Position, Profile, etc. Get the training you need when you don't need or don't have the time to cover the entire ASME Y14.5 standard.


Most quality groups are not aware of the numerous standards out there that clarify and settle supplier/customer disagreements and misunderstandings about any variety of topics. Threads, Go / No-Go gages, Welding, Stamping, Machining, Coatings, etc. It's all available, and when we complete our training your team will be able to operate independently.

Calypso Contract Programming:

Need a hot part programmed Right now? Or maybe a large project? Includes print numbering and reports on any format.

Calypso Program Debugging:

Do you have a program that should work but won't, and you don't want to spend the money on the Zeiss annual service contract for the once in a while support call? Call us for reasonably priced and competent programming support.

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